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Nearshore BPO call center outsourcing solutions in Belize.

Global Com operates a small network of contact centers in Belize. We offer strategic business outsourcing solutions for industry leading companies at affordable rates.


Outsourcing your CX management is a highly effective business solution.

Here at Global Com, we have a professional and reliable approach to cx management (customer experience)— powered by technology, perfected by people. When it comes to customer satisfaction and sales numbers, the person at the other end makes all the difference.

With multiple near shore locations in Belize and well-versed in American Culture, Global Com delivers high quality call center outsourcing solutions at amazing price points so you can grow your business, brand and revenue.

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We're results driven, and passionate about reporting. We  deliver outstanding results for our clients through continuous improvement of key business processes, clear and consistent communication, and simple transparent reporting.

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Our 24-hour team of dedicated agents is always on call to handle the needs of your customers. Our network of American-sounding agents are well trained to learn your brand's voice and connect with your customers.

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We can help you take your business goals to the next level. Our clients love that we provide valuable business outsourcing solutions for their unique needs at affordable pricing, resulting increased revenue, and reduced stress.

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About Us

We provide better
customer experiences.

Global Com aims to deliver a true customer service experience. Each and every contact we have with your customer influences your success. Customer service and support means following the best practices - valuing customer time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful information. At Global Com we know we provide just what your customers need.

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If you're looking for a new outsourcing partner, look no further. Global Com has you covered with BPO solutions you can count on.

Enterprises have long sought after quality BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing) to keep up with the fast pace of the modern business world. Global Com offers high quality BPO solutions which will boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Outsourcing plans are accelerating faster than ever as organisations scramble to cut costs, increase agility, and focus on strategy. At Global Com, we know that working in partnership with you can bring great possibilities for your company.

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Providing our clients with quality customer service, tech support and sales for 7+ years.

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About Us

Reliable nearshore BPO solutions

By partnering with us you are able to reduce your labor and operational costs and to repurpose your time to focus on strategic planning for the continued success of your business.

We provide effective BPO support in customer service, live web chat support, sales lead qualification, market research and survey telemarketing. Give us a chance to deliver the support services you need.

employee testimonials

We love what we do.

refreshing, compared to other call center jobs i've had

Since I came to Global Com in 2021, I have had two of the most beneficial and productive work years in my life. Working at a company that recognises your hard work and acknowledges your effort is a very satisfying experience.

Dinsdale Thompson
Operations Manager, global com
global com Helped me reach my potential

Working at Global Com helped me reach my potential and encouraged me to develop by increasing my responsibility and allowing me to take on projects. This company has taught me how important teamwork is and how much can be done if we stick to the goal. It is an honor working with a company that truly values its employees and I've had tremendous personal and professional growth working with Global these past 6 years.

Nicole Rowland
Operations manager, global com
a fun and safe work enviroment

Working with Global Com is a privilege. The company offers a fun and safe work environment, with opportunities for growth. The management encourages team work and is fair across the board. if you're looking for a job in the call center industry, Global Com could be a great place to get started.

Kareem Francis
call agent, global com
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I've learned a lot and experiened a lot of good times

I've had the pleasure of working at Global Com for about 6 years. In that time, I grew from a call agent to a supervisor. I enjoy working with Global Com because we work hard as a team. I have learned a lot, and experienced a lot of good times. We are family here at Global Com, and that is our strength which drives us to succeeed, and build the company together.

Kyla Smith
Supervisor, global com
not just a part time gig, build your career

Meeting Sab and understanding his mission and goal for Belize is way beyond what some of us really think. Many of us look at this industry as a part time gig, but there are Agents who have made a career out of this. I have gone from an Agent, Trainer, Mentor, Team Lead and now Operations Manager. Never, before working with Global Com had I found a workplace willing to listen and make active changes when concerns are brought forward.

Anthony Wagner
Team Lead, global com
teamwork is our strength

I've been in the call center business for 15 years working both at the agent level and the management level. I always strived to be the best and make sure I worked hard to be at the top.  My hard work paid off at Global because I was successful working my way up to the Operations Manager position. I like working at a company that gives you many opportunities to rise and where hard work is rewarded.

Golda Samuels
Manager, global com
Growing your business, is our business. And we're growing.
Grow with us.
Growing your business, is our business. And we're growing.
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Regular communication is key to building lasting relationships with your BPO partner.

"We've developed a process to engage our clients, to learn your unique value - so we can better engage your customers."

Sab Badee, CEO - Global Com

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